Two candidates for NBM vice governor proposed to Parliament


Constantin Șchendra and Maia Pîrcălab were suggested for the posts of vice governor of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) to Parliament, IPN reports.

According to the NBM, the two candidates have a rich experience in the financial-banking sector and during the last few years have worked at the National Bank. They were chosen according to the criteria defined in the Law on the NBM, such as professional integrity, good reputation and experience in the field.

According to the NBM governor Octavian Armașu, both of the candidates joined the Bank’s team when the banking sector underwent a serous reformation process and proved professional integrity, diligence and initiative in the fulfillment of their duties. Furthermore, they are politically unaffiliated, which is an important criterion that was taken into account. “I hope the MPs will support the candidates as it is important that the National Bank remain an independent institution and the reforms be continued,” he stated.

The post of vice governor is held for a seven-year term.