Traders complain about problems following cancelation of patent, seek moratorium


The annulment of the entrepreneur’s patent for retail trade and the switchover to other forms of activity resulted in faults, said representatives of patentees who seek a moratorium on this process. One of the signaled problems is that the sales slip that traders have to issue in accordance with the new rules contains personal data.  The name/surname of the trader and the address that coincides with the domicile and even the 13-digit ID number appear on it. 

In a news conference hosted by IPN, patent holder Eleonora Țurcanu-Herghelegiu said the publication and distribution of such information is unacceptable and can lead to the commission of offenses against traders by using their identity data. This situation gives the impression that the authorities take care only of the national public budget and the incomes collected into the budget and do not care about the wellbeing and safety of citizens.

If the authorities ignore the problem of personal data, the traders will have to take to the streets – those who complied and switched over to independent activity and also those who didn’t comply and keep the merchandise at home. Eleonora Țurcanu-Herghelegiu said the vendors have big headaches with the cash registers. These do not work or get blocked.

Patent holder Olga Chapki, local and town councilor, noted that a moratorium should be imposed on the transition process so that the citizens also get used to the new situation. In markets, no one issues sales slips as the cash registers are of a poor quality, do not work and when they work improperly, the trader must close the workplace and go and repair the cash register.

She urged the market chiefs not to terrorize the people and not to allow to be blackmailed by tax inspectorates which should not act as cudgels, but should inform. Olga Chapki admitted that she works illegally as she has to maintain her children of school age.

The local and town councilor also said that at least four articles of the Constitution were violated by the prohibition of patent in retail trade and the MPs should pronounce on the issue.

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