Ticket to rest at camps in Chisinau will cost 510 to 740 lei


The cost of a ticket to day camps in Chisinau for 15 days is 2,550 lei, compared to 2,525 lei last year. Parents pay 20% of the ticket cost, i.e. 510 lei. A 10-day stay at full-stay camps costs 3,700 lei and 20% of the cost is 740 lei. The information was presented by the deputy head of the General Division of Education, Youth and Sports Andrei Pavaloi at the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services, IPN reports.

Andrei Pavaloi said that in the summer season 2024, the Chisinau City Hall, by decision of the Chisinau Municipal Council, will organize 15day camps in primary and secondary education institutions. There will also be three full-stay camps - “Poienița Veselă”, “Alunelul” and “Cireșarii” – and also 14 sports camps, an ecological camp and 13 creative centers, which will work between June 1 and June 30.

The municipality will also organize 20 thematic camps at community centers for children and 14 camps based on the Municipal Library “B.P. Hasdeu”.

As many as 1,828 tickets to camps will be distributed free of charge to socially disadvantaged families.

For the current summer season, the Chisinau City Hall allocated over 35 million lei to organize the rest of about 10,000 children in camps outside the city.