The roadways of Chisinau to be patrolled by European policemen


The representatives of an operational Group of the European Traffic Police Network TISPOL, from 23 countries of the European community will be visiting Chisinau for three days for evaluating the situation in order to include the Republic of Moldova in different pilot projects regarding the road traffic assistance. On 18 May, in the last day of the mission, the members of the operational Group TISPOL will patrol the streets of Chisinau. The joint activity of the TISPOL group and of the representatives of the Moldovan Traffic Police began with a forum, opened by the deputy Interior Minister, Valentin Zubic and the head of the operational group, ODD Reidar Humlegaard. The vice-minister Zubic expressed his hope that Moldova will benefit of the technical support of this international organization in preventing and diminishing the number of traffic accidents. “The experience shows that we deal with the same traffic problems, generated by the excess of speed, drunk driving, not using the seat belts”, said Zubic. As well, Humllegaard declared that the operational Group intends to make a thorough study of the activity of the Moldovan traffic police inspectors, of the semaphores, radars well-functioning etc. For making a better impression of the situation, for one day the mebers of the TISPOL group will patrol the roadways of Chisinau. The European Traffic Police Network TISPOL was created in 11996 and has the role of bringing together the Roads and Traffic Police Forces in European and to work together and exchange best practice. The main objective set 7 years ago is to create a network of the Police Forces from the European centers for a better collaboration. The office of the TISPOL secretariat is in London. The Republic of Moldova became a member of TISPOL in 2001