The maib "Ungheni" Branch – now with more convenience and innovative design


A pleasant atmosphere, service areas with innovative design, fast service and dedicated specialists, this is what the customers of the maib "Ungheni" branch benefit from, which is aligned with the new brand identity.

The first thing maib customers will notice is the outer and inner stylistics, which have become friendlier, welcoming, transparent, comfortable and adapted to the needs and expectations of modern banking.

Aliona Stratan, First Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board at maib:

'Maib branches are our point of communication and relationship with our customers, so we want these interactions to be transparent, trustworthy and efficient. We work every day and continuously adapt our activity, products, even the way of thinking, to offer customers the experience of quality banking in a simple and easy way”.

The branch offers the full spectrum of banking services and products, consulting for personal and business plans, available to individuals and entrepreneurs in the district and region.

Valeriu Moraru, Director of the maib "Ungheni" Branch:

"With the alignment to the new brand identity, the "Ungheni" Branch has become more modern, colourful and with a pleasant atmosphere for both customers and employees. This change gives us another reason to remain the best and continue to offer our customers the highest quality products and services”.

In addition to the simplified operational mode, the maib "Ungheni" Branch provides customers in the region with several dedicated areas:

Self-service area - dedicated to quick banking operations such as paying bills, reimbursing the loan, checking the account, top up the account etc.

Transactional area - enables the facilitation of multiple transactions at a single counter, with faster service, saving valuable time for everyone.

The consultative area is a semi-private space to facilitate direct communication and analysis of personal or business development needs and plans. This area provides a relaxed environment, ideal for making important decisions such as mortgage, business or things alike.

"alto" premium area  offering exclusive services, unique experiences in maximum comfort and special privileges for premium banking customers.

The maib "Ungheni" Branch is located in Ungheni, 37 Mihai Eminescu Street and operates from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30, without a break.


About maib
Maib is the largest bank in Moldova, with both a physical and digital presence. It has 54 branches and 55 agencies. 338 ATMs and nearly 12 774 POS terminals, evenly distributed throughout the country. The bank serves about 30% of the country’s population and is one of the largest employers in the republic.

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