The fund for subsidising agricultural producers will amount to MDL 240 mln in 2007


The fund for subsidising agricultural producers was estimated at the total sum of MDL 240 mln. According to the Law on the state budget for 2007, the Parliament approved on December 28, 2006 the Regulation on the method of using the means of the fund for subsidising agricultural producers. MDL 120 mln will be administrated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI), including MDL 15 mln for subsidising the producers of sugar beat, MDL 3 mln – for subsidising cultivators of tobacco, MDL 17 mln – for stimulating the production of tree seeds and creating tree plantations, MDL 3 mln for spurring the development of walnut culture, MDL 2 mln – for supporting, promoting and developing the ecologic agriculture, MDL 45 thousand – for subsidising the farmers using pesticides and mineral fertilisers, MDL 15 thousand – for subsidising the animal breeding field, MDL 20 mln – for subsidising the purchase of agricultural equipment. The state enterprise “Moldresurse” will administrate MDL 20 mln for stimulating the creation of technologic stations of cars, in order to carry out basic agricultural works, as tilling, protection of plants and the management of fertilisers. The Ministry of Finace, through the General State Inspectorate will administrate MDL 100 mln for subsidising the agricultural producers who distribute their own production on the territory of the country. According to the data provided by the MAFI, 4000 agricultural producers benefited from subventions. The Law on the budget for 2006 included a fund for subsidising the agricultural producers to the total sum of MDL 220 mln.