Superior Council of Magistracy appoints two constitutional judges


The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) appointed two constitutional judges, namely lawyer Eduard Ababei and CSM member Serghei Țurcan.

17 candidates were registered in the contest. The Superior Council of Magistracy admitted the request for the withdrawal of two of them, Alexandru Spoială and Vladimir Grosu, the latter being declared winner of the contest for the position of constitutional judge carried out by the Parliamentary commission for law, appointments and immunities. Another candidate, Angela Istrate announced on the day of the contest, on Facebook, that she is withdrawing from the contest, as she "does not want to participate in a spoiled contest".

Serghei Țurcan is a University lecturer, member of the Superior Council of Magistracy from 2017. He has teaching experience and has over 60 publications in the field of constitutional law. The candidate mentioned that he was never involved in political activity, was not a party member and did not make political partisanship. "I believe that that knowledge, abilities that I have, capabilities, give me the opportunity to be a true guardian of the Constitution. I could make an essential contribution to the strengthening of the Constitutional Court to become truly professional, independent, credible”, stated Sergei Țurcan.

According to his CV, the lawyer Eduard Ababei carried out his activities as vice-president and president of the Civil and administrative disputes board of the Court of Appeals of Bălți municipality. From 2015 until now, he is a trainer at the National Institute of Justice. Between 2013-2016, he was president of the NIJ Council. Between 1995 and 2005, he was a judge in the city of Drochia.

The other candidates registered for the contest are the following: Teodor Cârnaț, Sergiu Băieșu, Eduard Boișteanu, Mihai Corj, Tatiana Răducanu, Andrei Popa, Andrei Coca, Iulia Sîrcu, Ghenadie Eni, Boris Negru, Ciprian Vlah, Domnica Manole and Oleg Potârniche.

The Constitutional Court has six judges, two appointed by the Parliament, the Government and the Superior Council of Magistracy.