Suburban pumping station to be built in Tohatin


A pumping station, also featuring a 10-kilometer sewage network, will be built in Chisinau’s Tohatin suburb. Co-funded by the Chisinau City Hall, the project will benefit almost 20,000 residents of the suburbs Tohatin, Cruzești and Budești.

The cost was estimated at 31.7 million lei, of which almost 14 million lei was allocated by Chisinau City Hall. The work is expected to be completed this year.

In the last three years, the municipality has invested 29 million lei in Tohatin in projects aimed at improving people’s living standards. They include road and sidewalk repairs, the expansion of water supply networks, the construction of a garage for sanitation equipment, and the repair of a kindergarten and school.

According to Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban, increasing the level of access to utilities for residents of the city’s suburbs is one of the investment priorities of the Chisinau City Hall. On the website https://suburbii.chisinau.md/ the residents of the suburbs can select the priorities for the capital investments that Chisinau City Hall is going to make this year. The survey is accessible in Romanian and Russian, including on mobile devices.