Steps are being taken to rig elections, Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”


The leaders of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” consider the authorities already started to prepare the rigging of the presidential elections. The party’s chairman Andrei Nastase, in a news conference at IPN, said the voter rolls are being compiled and a lot of persons who are no longer alive are being put on them.

According to Andrei Nastase, a Democratic MP drafted a legislative initiative to allow private companies to print the ballots. This initiative is aimed at rigging the elections because the private company will be able to print the ballots with the stamp “Voted” put on them already. The real number of voters is by about 1 million lower than the figures presented by the authorities. This is the real reason why the presentation of the data of the population census taken two years ago is being delayed.

The party’s leader called on civil society and the development partners of Moldova to support the creation of a civic council of voters that would monitor the whole electoral process, starting with the verification of the accuracy of the voter rolls.

The party’s deputy chairman Stanislav Pavlovschi said free and fair elections mean not only the throwing of the ballot in the ballot box, but also the ensuring of a correct electoral process so that the people can freely express their wish. The fact that the budget for the presidential elections hasn’t been yet adopted and the necessary amendments haven’t been made to the electoral legislation are also signs showing that measures are being taken to prepare the rigging of elections.

Another deputy head of the party Alexandru Slusari said that an authoritarian regime was established in Moldova and the administrative and media resources are concentrated in the hands of one person – the first deputy chairman of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc. The authorities now purse the goal of diverting society’s attention from the theft of the billion from the banking system. The Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” will insist that this subject should be always in the focus and that the authorities should explain why the stolen money is to be paid back by the people.