Solutions to farmers’ problems are in progress, minister


Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolea had a new round of talks with farmers today. All the issues were addressed in a concrete manner, and some solutions are already in progress, the official stated after the meeting. Discussions are also underway with bank representatives so that farmers can access loans.

“I think that for the first time we effectively talked through all the proposals that came from the farmers”, said Vladimir Bolea after the meeting with the farmers. One particular subject discussed was support for farmers affected by the 2023 drought.

There were also discussions on emergency agricultural loans of up to 500,000 lei with a 90% guarantee from the state. The minister emphasized that a meeting is coming up with representatives of commercial banks and the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development, at which this mechanism will be presented. At the same time, a commission will meet on Tuesday, which will include farmers, as well as representatives of state agencies, to examine other governmental guarantees.

Ion Plămădeala, president of the Farmers’ Force Association, declared that the discussion appeared to be productive. But any problem requires time to identify solutions. Commercial banks will also come up with their own proposed solutions. “It is important to realize that clear measures must be taken. This is a positive step. We will see what will happen along the way and how constructively we will be able to work in this commission”, said Plămădeala.

Asked about the protests at the Leușeni border crossing, Ion Plămădeala said that together with Minister Bolea they will go to the protesting farmers today. There, the discussed solutions will be presented, and then the next actions will be decided.

Farmers have been protesting for several weeks by blocking roads with their tractors. They have shut down access to the Leușeni border crossing countless times, including today.