Socialist MP: Maia Sandu and PAS want to oblige MPs not to attend sitting


Socialist MP Oleg Lipskii said President Maia Sandu and the MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) “are trying to commit a new illegality”. According to him, these want to oblige the MPs not to come to the sitting where the candidate nominated for premiership will ask for the MPs’ vote of confidence, IPN reports.

“They want to oblige - I note to oblige - the MPs not to come to work the day the candidate nominated by her, who is not yet known, will come to Parliament to ask for a vote of confidence. I haven’t yet heard something like this – banning the MPs from coming to Parliament, to work. This is unbelievable,” Oleg Lipskii stated in a press briefing.

The Socialist MPs said the first one month in office of President Sandu showed chaos and failure. “Maia Sandu demanded that the Chicu Government should resign during the election campaign and after being elected President. One month passed since the resignation, but Maia Sandu hasn’t yet proposed a candidate for Prime Minister. Maia Sandu promised to provide a professional team for the government after she is elected President. The people see that Sandu failed to fulfill her promise to put forward a professional team,” stated Oleg Lipskii.

The MP also said that if Maia Sandu had really wanted snap parliamentary elections, she should have started the legal procedure for dissolving Parliament on December 25 or 26.

Socialist MP Petru Burduja said that Maia Sandu preferred to organize trips abroad for photographs instead of identifying solutions to the domestic crisis and people’s problems. Sandu’s visits abroad didn’t produce a concrete result for the citizens.