“Selecția” Institute of Bălți reports harvest of 7-9 tonnes per ha for some types of wheat


The Bălți Research Institute for Field Crops “Selecția” said that even over 9 tonnes of wheat per hectare were obtained this year as part of research on its experimental lots together with the Technical University of Munich, IPN reports.

The study covered seven types of wheat and a hybrid that were sowed on six fields and were treated with mineral and organic fertilizers. Irrigation was performed through aspersion in two stages – immediately after sowing and at the spring vegetation stage, with irrigation norms of 600 m3/ha in both of the cases.

The type Meleag created by “Selecția” Institute yielded 9.09 t/ha of wheat. This was followed by Kuyalnik and Pisanca, whose productivity was 8.71 and, respectively, 8.44 t/ha. The yields of the other types covered by the research were: Ursita – 7.94 t/ha, Kometus – 7.76 t/ha, Talisman – 7.58 t/ha and Akteur – 6.88 t/ha. The hybrid of German origin Hybery F1 yielded 7.98 t/ha.

“The goal of the research was to assess the conduct and productivity of different types and hybrids of winter wheat created in Moldova and also in Germany, Romania and Ukraine. These were grown in accordance with technological recommendations by using irrigation. The research also aimed to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the tested types and hybrids so as to make them known to producers and to take them into account in cultivation,” the Research Institute for Field Crop “Selecția” noted in a press release.

The average wheat harvest in Moldova in favorable conditions last year was 4.5 t/ha.