Santa Claus came with a fairy tale to the most special children






December 5, 2018


On 4 December, the hall of the National Philharmonic ‘Serghei Lunchevici’ turned for a few hours into the Santa Claus country for a special event – ‘Santa with a bag of gifts’ for children from boarding and auxiliary schools, due to the organizers of the concert - CB ‘Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale’ S.A.

It was an unusual performance because the children actively participated in the event, not just as spectators. Each of them received a personalized invitation to the concert having the task of helping Santa Claus to give joy to every child in the world.

Smiles and good will filled the hall following the performance on the stage of the artists loved by both children and parents: Amelia Uzun and Anisoara Cernicova, Aurel and Laurentiu Chirtoaca, Stela Botez, Olga Verbitchi, Aura, Lory and Bety, Nica Dudca, Valentin Carp, Mike Kovali, Denis Midone; the dance groups ‘Angels Dance’, ‘Bravissimo Dance Group’, ‘Picaturi Muzicale’ and ‘Flagrant Dance Club’.

‘We persuaded Santa Claus to come this year to the most obedient and the most special children, to bring them the spirit of holiday and a drop of joy, our love and a magical evening. Moreover, the children will go home accompanied by a new plush friend - the Mobi ladybug, with whom they can share bedtime fairy tales’, Stela Ciobanu, Secretary General of Mobiasbanca, said.

At the end of the event, the children's happy moments were photographed with Santa Claus and other fantastic characters in the photo area arranged in the Philharmonic hall, and some cheerful elves distributed the gifts prepared by the organizers for each child at the exit of the performance hall.


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