Romanian water Corneliu Filip launched three books at “B. P. Hasdeu” Library


The books “Republic of Moldova hostage of Geopolitics between Brussels and Moscow”, “Notes of a woman in transition” and “Last love” written by Romanian writer Corneliu Filip were launched at the Municipal Library “B. P. Hasdeu”. The books contain thoughts about the political situation in Moldova, real stories and memories of the author, IPN reports.

Speaking about the first volume, Corneliu Filip said he came to Chisinau from Romania in 2016 and staged a marathon, discussing with representatives of all the political parties and organizations in Moldova so as to find out their opinions about the presidential elections that were pending then and about what happened until this July. “I tried to make a presentation for the citizens from Romania and those from Moldova, from the Soviet period, the independence period, etc. I tried to present the viewpoints of all the representatives so that the readers draw their own conclusions,” stated Corneliu Filip.

The book “Notes of a woman in transition” is written in the form of periodic notes of a young woman who came from a village to the city to study at a textile lyceum and become an engineer. During the last years of studies, the young woman fell in love and her life changed considerably.

The last book “Last love” consists of 14 stories from the author’s life and bears the title of one of these. Four of the 14 stories were translated into English and next January will appear in the UK in an edition entitled “True stories from Eastern Europe from Romania, Moldova Ukraine, Russia and Afghanistan”.

Historian Alexandru Moraru, referring to the book “Republic of Moldova hostage of Geopolitics between Brussels and Moscow”, said this volume contains information that is useful not only to historians and politologists, but also to those who are not indifferent to the developments in Moldova. It is an unbiased book that presents the view of a historian about the contemporary situation in Moldova.

Political analyst Oazu Nantoi noted the meticulousness, professionalism and profoundness of the subject. “Corneliu Filip, even if life is difficult and passes, found the possibility of communicating, collecting human destinies and tragedies and of bringing them together in these books that will definitely be read,” stated Oazu Nantoi.

Historian and politician Ion Negrei said the book “Republic of Moldova hostage of Geopolitics between Brussels and Moscow” tries to anticipate where Moldova goes. “We are invited to answer this question each electoral exercise, but the question remained unanswered so far. Corneliu Filip wants to help and support us, to open windows through the very accessible materials,” he noted.

Corneliu Filip was born in Botoșani on March 19, 1948. He is a radioman, publicist, Doctor of History, writer and a member of the Writers Union of Romania.