Romanian Surveyors Union officially opens branch in Moldova


On December 1, when it is celebrated the National Day of Romania, the Romanian Surveyors Union inaugurated a branch in Moldova. The event was held at the Technical University of Moldova (UTM), IPN reports.

“I tend to believe that we will also create a historic moment, similar to the Great Union of 1918. This day is special at the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadaster. The participation in this event by teachers and specialists from both sides of the Prut make me believe that we will combine forces to improve the image of geodesy. Romania has always stood by us, the ordinary citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” said the dean of UTM’s Faculty Livia Nistor - Lopatenco.

The president of the Romanian Surveyors Union Mircea Afrăsinei said geodesy does not have limits and the branch of the Romanian Surveyors Union in Moldova was opened with the aim of promoting the importance of geodesy. “The Romanian Surveyors Union is an apolitical organization. Through the agency of the Surveyors Union, we present the new devices used in this profession to all the surveyors in Romania. I made this presentation in order to say why we consider you should be near us. Union always makes us stronger,” stated Mircea Afrăsinei.

The Union’s vice president Petre Iuliu Dragomir noted that only if the Romanian and Moldovan surveyors combine forces, the prestige of the profession of surveyor and the professional authority of those who work in geodesy can be improved.

Attending the inauguration, Angela Matkov, head of the Cadaster Department of the Public Services Agency, said the current realities show that geodesy, cadaster and land management cannot be treated separately anymore and such platforms are absolutely necessary for working together. Together we are much stronger,” stated Angela Matkov.

Deputy director general of the Agency for Land Relations and Cadaster Ștefan Crigan said the opening of the branch is one more step towards the combination of efforts. “Only this way we will be able to achieve success. We, those from the Agency for Land Relations and Cadaster, are open to cooperation. We have a lot of work to do in the future,” noted Ștefan Crigan.

The Romanian Surveyors Union is a professional, independent, nongovernmental and apolitical organization.