Rodica Iordanov: Investments are needed in waste management, not in enormous landfills


Representatives of the Government and of the Chisinau City Hall have differing opinions about the management of waste in the capital city. Minister of Environment Rodica Iordanov said the Chisinau City Hall wants to invest more money in the Țânțăreni landfill, but the central administration would like to set up waste management platforms where waste will be sorted and recycled. According to the official, Moldova should renounce the practice of setting up landfills that occupy tens of hectares and should opt for modern waste management centers with odor control systems, IPN reports.

The minister noted that the landfill in Țânțăreni, where waste collected in Chisinau is stored, can be used for ten more years. A modern waste management center could be erected meanwhile.

“The Chisinau City Hall wants to invest more money in the Țânțăreni landfill as the people mounted protests and there is a logic behind their actions. On the other hand, the current waste dump in Țânțăreni will be yet used for at most ten years. We consider that if investments can be made, we should primarily change the approach and should not create new landfills that are tens of hectares in area. We should build a biotechnological waste management platform where only 10% or maximum 20% of the collected waste is stored, while the rest is used to produce biogas, compost, electrical energy. Investors will definitely be found,” Rodica Iordanov stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the minister, a waste management center will include sorting lines. After recycling, the plastic could be reused so that Moldova no longer imports plastic products.

“There are companies in the Republic of Moldova which recycle the collected plastic and produce new plastic. Through recycling that starts at home, we can enable these companies to pay the operator that manages the platform and use this plastic to produce elements, plastic goods so that we reduce plastic imports as these imports are now considerable,” said Rodica Iordanov.

Earlier, it was proposed that a waste management center covering the municipality of Chisinau and the districts situated close to the capital city should be built in Stăuceni commune, on an area of 20 hectares.