“Retrospective look– 39” opens doors to new workshop of Gheorghe Lisița


Gheorghe Lisița mounted a new exhibition entitled “Retrospective look – 39”. The event is staged on the occasion of the inauguration of the painter’s workshop located at 17/1 Socoleni St. The workshop houses tens of paintings made during the college years, such as portraits on cardboard, works dating from the university period, large paintings and creations of the present time, including paintings that are not yet ready, IPN reports.

According to Gheorghe Lisița, the exhibition shows his evolution and formation as an artist. He had long dreamt of a large workshop where he could draw large paintings, especially war scenes that necessitate space and special light. “It is very important for an artist to experience a change at a certain moment in life, which would make this resort to reflections with a more profound analysis. I think my change will derive from this workshop. I would like all the artists in Moldova to have such a spacious and bright workshop,” the painter stated for IPN.

The inauguration of the workshop is an invitation to the permanent exhibition that will renew its collection of paintings for visitors and for art collectors. Lisița said he is fond of portraits, human faces. “I’m a realist. I live the moment, but I drive my inspiration from books. I like Velazquez, Grigorescu. I’m also fond of abstract – Pollock is extraordinary. In Moldova, particular influence on me was exerted by Dumitru Peichev, Andrei Mudrea, Anatol Ghimpu. I get inspired from each exhibition I visit. We have a lot of good, expressive and talented plastic artists,” he stated.

Emeritus Person of the Republic of Moldova Eleonora Brigalda in the inauguration said she remembers the tenacity and accuracy of Gheorghe Lisița when he studied at the university. “I was astounded by his discipline. To make his diploma work, he chose to live in monasteries, to talk to church officials, to persuade them to make their portraits, not their exterior, but rather the inner expressiveness. In his works, Gheorghe Lisița combinew naturalist academic professionalism with the tendencies of modern art,” stated plastic artist and literary critic Eleonara Brigalda.

According to Maria Ivanov, manager of the project “Timpul Magazine of the Republic of Moldova”, the painter is a value owing to his own view. He is a personality who impresses by the sincerity of his states during his evolution as each of his paintings presents a state of his. Christianity is another value of his works, which is promoted through their magazine.

Gheorghe Lisița was born in Suhuluceni village of Telenești district on July 28, 1982. He graduated from the College of Plastic Arts “Alexandru Plămădeală”, class of professor Ion Stepanov (1997-2001), and the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts, the Faculty of Plastic Arts, class of professor Vasile Moșanu. In 2007, he got a master’s degree from the State Teacher Training University “Ion Creangă”, class of professor Eleonora Brigalda. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Union of Plastic Artists of the Republic of Moldova.