Restoration of proportional representation system makes return of PDM to power impossible, opinion


The adoption of the law that restores the proportional representation system from political viewpoint makes the return of the Democratic Party of Moldova to power practically impossible, Vladislav Kulminski, executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives, stated in the program “Key issue” on NTV Moldova channel, IPN reports.

According to him, under the proportional representation system the Democrats will win 10 to 13 seats of MP. At the same time, the MPs of the current parliamentary majority are obliged to go on and not to stop at these legislative changes. The amendment of the legislation is not enough. The makeup of the Central Election Commission should be updated and prosecutors should be replaced. “De facto, a serious cleanup is needed and this should be performed within the legal limits,” said Vladislav Kulminski.
Socialist MP Vladimir Țurcanu said that to be adopted after being given the next readings, the bill that restores the proportional representation system should be examined thoroughly as a number of changes were proposed. “Interesting proposals were formulated as regards the diaspora, the possibility of voting even if the citizens have expired papers and also electronic voting given that a lot of Moldovans are abroad,” he stated.

Bloc ACUM MP Vladimir Bolea noted the changes aimed at restoring the proportional representation system  were discussed in Parliament during about an hour and a half. “All the proposals were well thought out and I think the swift adoption of this bill will not be possible as the MPs who served earlier in Parliament have a rich experience. Our jurists submitted very good proposals. I think the final document for the final reading will be well prepared and will meet all the requirements of the Venice Commission, the European Union and the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” said the MP.

On June 11, the MPs of the Party of Socialists and the political bloc ACUM adopted by a majority of votes, upon first reading, a bill to annul the mixed electoral system and return to the proportional one.