Republic of Moldova at Expo 2020 Dubai


The Ambassador of Moldova to the UAE has hailed Expo 2020 Dubai as a catalyst for change, and a window of and to a better world. “Moldova is here to showcase the history of the nation, rich heritage, and creativity of its people,” Victor Haruta stated in an interview for WAM Agency on the occasion of Expo 2020 that was opened with a one-year delay owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking about the main pillars of Moldovan participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, the ambassador summed it up into three key themes: Discover Moldova, Taste Moldova, and Invest in Moldova, which is characterized by its mild fiscal climate, stable economic growth, low costs, and excellent location at the heart of Europe.

“Our narrative and the whole theme of the pavilion is built around our main symbol - The Tree of Life. Every seed planted into our fertile soil grows into a miracle. Each branch of the tree represents an opportunity for growth and has a special significance, talking about one’s experiences and the strategic sectors of Moldova and its economy,” Haruta said.

Moldova is exploring the themes of craft, invest, discover, and taste at its pavilion. The journey starts with discover Moldova – where visitors can enjoy picturesque scenery of its green country, get acquainted with its national clothing and musical instruments. Taste region will provide an in-depth description of traditional Moldovan food and culinary experiences.

Craft area is dedicated to old style machines that were used to manufacture clothes with a transition to the modern textile industry in Moldova. In this area, the pavilion will also organize crafting workshops for visitors.

The invest area will showcase the success stories of foreign investors, present the unique opportunities that Moldova can offer for investors, and offer an opportunity to connect directly with the team of Investment Agency from Moldova.

“Our aim is to form a vision of the visitor about the Republic of Moldova as a country that supports the concept of sustainable development by conserving nature and energy, using alternative resources, and producing ecological goods,” Haruta said.