Renato Usatyi urges supporters to join in December 3 protest


The leader of the Our Party Political Party Renato Usatyi calls on his supporters and not only them to take part, without political flags, in the protest that is to be mounted by the Party of Action and Solidarity in front of the Parliament Building today, starting at 10am. “I urge you to join in the protest against lie, usurpation of power in the state, smuggling and all the wrongdoings committed in Moldova,” the politician stated on Facebook Live in the evening of December 2, being quoted by IPN.

According to Renato Usatyi, the protest is now the only way for obtaining snap parliamentary elections, for holding the “junta” accountable and for showing to the whole world that the citizens of Moldova are ready for changes.

The leader of the Our Party considers that what happened during the last two weeks has been an attempt by Igor Dodon to keep power and today Igor Dodon wants to remove the SIS from the President’s subordination so that Parliament, he and Shor control it. “We must unite against corruption and against what Igor Dodon intends to continue […] I’m sure that tomorrow’s protest is the start of the end of the regime of rascals,” he added.

Renato Usatyi noted that he will be unable to attend the protest physically as he is receiving treatment at a clinic in Germany, but he will follow attentively what is happening in Chisinau remotely.

President-elect Maia Sandu called on the people to hamper the Dodon-Shor oligarchic majority’s attempt to usurp the power and to induce snap parliamentary elections as swiftly as possible by a protest in front of the Parliament Building on December 3, starting at 10am. She urged those who intend to take part to wear masks and to maintain social distancing. The call was made after the Socialist MPs proposed that the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) should return under the management of Parliament after in 2019 the institution was transferred under the President’s subordination. The authors of the bill argued Moldova is a parliamentary republic and the parliamentary control over the national security system should be strengthened. Under the bill proposed by the Socialist MPs, the SIS should be under legislative control, while the director should be named by Parliament for a five-year term.