Quality of water in Chisinau aqueducts has worsened


The number of water samples taken from rural communal water pipes that do not meet the standards has increased from 24.3% to 35%, while from departmental water pipes – from 35.2% to 45%. Of the about 100 small aqueducts of Chisinau municipality, only 40 have drinking water that meets the sanitary norms. The rest carry technical water.

Asked by IPN, Liubovi Goncear, of the Chisinau Public Health Center, said the compounds of iron and ammonia are the main pollutants for the aqueducts that are supplied by artesian wells and that are rather deep. The substances come from the terrestrial layers without being related to the human factor. In the case of wells supplied by freatic waters, the quality of water depends on the sanitation works carried out to disinfect the water.

Liubovi Goncear said the persons who drink water polluted with microorganisms risk getting acute diarrheal diseases. The consumers who doubt the quality of water can ask sanitation specialists to perform analyses.