PSRM insists on Government’s withdrawal of draft law on assuming responsibility


According to the Socialist Party, the only way out of the "political crisis" created after the Government led by Maia Sandu has assumed responsibility for amending the Law on the prosecutor office is the withdrawal of the bill. Socialist MP Vasile Bolea has declared, at a press briefing, that, if the bill is not withdrawn, at the next sitting of Parliament the censure motion submitted by the Socialists on November 8 will be examined, IPN reports.

As regards the proposal of the prime minister, who has committed to submit the bill, once it enters into force, to the Venice Commission expertise and not to propose to the Superior Council of Prosecutors the short list of candidates for the position of prosecutor general, as long as there is no response from the Commission, Vasile Bolea has mentioned this shows there was no urgency that would justify the Government's assumption of responsibility to amend the Law on the Prosecutor's Office.

"The Constitution of the country as well as several judgments of the Constitutional Court point to one thing - this procedure of the Government's commitment to a draft law should be based on the lack of delay and maximum urgency of taking a decision," stressed Vasile Bolea.

According to the MP, "Venice Commission does not examine or advise on laws that have become effective, but draft laws to be passed by the Parliaments of sovereign countries". Vasile Bolea has also said that Maia Sandu still has time to decide on the withdrawal of the bill for which the Government has taken responsibility. At the same time, he has recalled that today, at 16.00, the meeting of the Permanent Bureau will be held, where the date of the next sitting of Parliament will be decided upon.