Pro Moldova suggests not taxing sums paid for COVID-19 tests by employers


The Pro Moldova Party drafted a legislative proposal to amend and supplement the Fiscal Code so that the costs for testing employees for the SARS-CoV-2 virus covered by employers during the state of public health emergency are considered nontaxable and are exempted from paying taxes. According to Pro Moldova leader Andrian Candu, the proposal is designed to facilitate and encourage employers, regardless of the organizational form, to pay the tests for employees and to thus encourage the testing of the population en masse, IPN reports.

The politician noted that as the state does not want to do sufficient tests and the public health situation continues to worsen owing to the government’s inaction, this responsibility can be divided with employers on condition that the given costs are not made the burden of business entities and public sector institutions.

Today, if a business entity, an employer wants to pay the tests done by employees, the incurred costs are taxed. “If a business entity is ready to pay 600 lei for a test and to enable a part of the employees to do tests, the state makes both the employer and the employee pay taxes in the form of income taxes and social insurance contributions,” stated Adrian Candu.

By this law, the Government will be obliged to ensure the refund of the money paid de facto by employees as taxes and social and health insurance contributions before the coming into force of this law.