Presidential administration and Parliament mourn death of Andrei Strâmbeanu


The presidential administration and Parliament offer sincere condolences to the family, relatives, friends, mates and all those who knew and praised renowned poet, prose writer and scriptwriter Andrei Strâmbeanu, who passed away on August 4, IPN reports.

According to an obituary signed by the two institutions, Andrei Strâmbeanu distinguished himself as a distinct voice in literature and theater in the Republic of Moldova, his works being translated into a series of languages.

Andrei Strâmbeanu was born in Fântâna Albă village of Bălți County, currently Edineț district, on August 25, 1934. Among his most famous works are “White Well” (poetry, 1963), “Throw Me into the Sky” (children’s stories 1965), “The Bride” (stories, 1967), “Counterpoint” (anthology, 2004), “Poems with Wormwood Taste (2015), etc.

Andrei Strâmbeanu worked as a translator, editor, adviser at the Theater Division of the Ministry of Culture. He sat on Moldova’s Parliament in 1998-2001 and served as an adviser to the President. He was a member of the Writers Union of Moldova.

For prodigious activity in the field of culture and for civic involvement, Andrei Strâmbeanu was awarded the medal “Mihai Eminescu” in 1997, the Order of the Republic in 2011, the National Award of the Republic of Moldova and the Award “I. L. Caragiale” for dramaturgy of the Romanian Academy in 2008. He was a laureate of the National Dramaturgy Contest for five times.