President Dodon suggests confiscating property of judges to blame for convictions at ECHR


President Igor Dodon considers a mechanism should be instituted by which to confiscate apartments and cars of judges who are to blame for Moldova’s conviction by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in favor of the state, IPN reports.

“Let’s see which of the judges passed the given judgment and these judges should have all their assets confiscated in favor of the state. The sum of 70 million lei damages that is to be paid should be made their burden or the burden of relatives in whose name they register cars and apartments. We should clarify things and work out a mechanism,” President Dodon said in a fragment of a new edition of the YouTube program “President Responds” that will be broadcast on Friday, February 21. 

In the February 19 meeting of the Government, Prime Minister Ion Chicu asked to amend the 2020 state budget and cut the financing for the judicial system by 70 million lei. The given sum is to be paid by Moldova following an ECHR judgment that was passed in 2011, but the payment order for which reached the Government now. By March 15, the minister is to come up with a clear mechanism for suing the judges who give verdicts for which Moldova is convicted by the ECHR.