Premier: Everyone should make effort to support women entrepreneurs


“Everyone should make effort to support women entrepreneurs,” Prime Minister Ion Chicu stated in the fifth Annual Women’s Forum of Moldova. According to him, the Government’s Action Plan includes measures aimed at eliminating the difficulties in this process, IPN has learned from the Government’s press service.

The event, staged by the National Women’s Platform in partnership with the Organization for the Development of the SME Sector (ODIMM), brought together over 350 women entrepreneurs from the country and national and international development partners, business associations and civil society members.

Premier Chicu said that he was honored and proud to be taking part in the event. “Today the Government marks one month of its installation and I couldn’t have received a better present than this invitation. I see a rare combination of pragmatic tackling, cold calculation needed by the business and heart and soul that only a woman can put into an activity. I’m a supporter of the theory and practice that women manage and plan processes the best and this refers both to business and to the public sector,” he stated.

According to the official, the businesswomen are supported through the agency of ODIMM and the platform of the Economic Council working under the Premier. “We will not only listen to your voice, but will also implement what you suggest,” stated Ion Chicu, assuring that the Government will create predictable conditions for developing businesses.

The Premier noted he supports and will support the promotion of women to executive posts.
“The Government does not mean ministers only. For example, the post of secretary general of the Government is held by a lady. I also have female colleagues in the team of advisers and in the post of secretary of state,” said Premier Chicu.