Premier Chicu’s nerves on the edge?


Prime Minister Ion Chicu used offensive remarks in a recent post on Facebook by which he defended Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Viorica Dumbrăveanu.  

Dear friends! Particular nonentities (the elite, as they consider themselves) in the recent past attacked in the most impertinent way. It’s clear that we do not have time and wish to react and riposte to each of these specimens. I will not do it now and will not do it later, when we overcome the adversity. However, as the Prime Minister and member of a governmental team that was doomed to deal with this exceptional challenge, I must react to the attacks made on Missis Viorica Dumbrăveanu. These are dirty attacks from scums,” wrote the official.

The Premier’s manly and collegial position would have been appreciated much more if he had respected a civilized tone in the message. The formulations bother from at least three angles:

1. He diminished considerably the essence of the message of support for Minister Dumbrăveanu as he used practically the same instruments that he suggests were used by the opponents;

2. The message probably reveals an attack of nerves in a national leader in a period of major crisis, which gives worrisome signals to society and can generate an atmosphere of panic;

3. And shows the not really civilized style of communication with society that was adopted by the current Cabinet of Ministers as a part of the advisers to the Premier earlier also used not exactly official formulas in relation to the press. But the example of the Government and the officials matters in this respect too.

Valeriu Vasilică, IPN

I regret that I had to present the unsuitable formulas in bold on the IPN’s webpage, but I could not find another method of enabling the readers to assess this value judgment. I ask the Russian and English language translators to find the most suitable equivalents to the marked words so as to ensure the exactness and correctness of the message.