PPDA will reform and create association of its local elected representatives


The Dignity and Truth Party (PPDA) intends to create an association of mayors and councilors elected in the recent elections. The decision was taken at the meeting of the party’s National Political Council, which was an occasion to analyze how the local elections were conducted and how local administration structures were established, IPN reports.

“The Dignity and Truth Platform considers the current state of local public finances and the level of decentralization as lamentable and condemns the attempts of the PSRM-PDM government to maintain the current hyper-centralized model of the state. The Republic of Moldova is bottom of the class when it comes to local autonomy with only 12% own revenues in local budgets compared to 34.4% the average indicator in the EU”, said the leader of PPDA, Andrei Nastase, at the press conference following the Council meeting.

According to him, local authorities are required to perform 22 functions provided by the existing legislation for which they have neither resources nor effective capacities. “We, the Dignity and Truth Platform, will be the main advocate of decentralization and of local autonomy in Moldova, we will work and fight so that our cities and villages can develop and self-manage better and with dignity. The Dignity and Truth Platform guarantees to support the development projects and further town-twinning, organic and practical cooperation with other local authorities from Romania, but also from Europe”, said Andrei Năstase.

According to the PPDA leader, the National Political Council has assigned “clear tasks for maintaining a democratic cohesion” for the delegated deputies of the party to the Parliament, in order to develop, adopt and promote laws for the citizens. “Among the legislative priorities are the further investigation of the $1 billion fraud and parliamentary control over the recovery of this money. It is also about the unflinching furtherance of the justice reform, cleansing the system of criminal elements, both in the Prosecutor's Office and in the judicial system”, stated Andrei Nastase. Other priorities include promoting policies that provide more social benefits, supporting local producers, as well as the demonopolization of the economy.

“Following today's consistent debates, the Dignity and Truth Platform sets out on the path of a necessary internal party reform, a mature, responsible decision that will give results in the nearest future. The purpose of the reform we are announcing today is to improve the mechanisms of strategic planning, organization and coordination, communication and interaction with our citizens and territorial adherents. Any party must evolve, like a living organism, so that its vital functions correspond to the growing demands,” said Andrei Năstase.

On Saturday, the Action and Solidarity Party leadership met with the PAS elected mayors and representatives of district councils. They discussed the political situation in the country and the support for local elected officials, including with the help of external partners. “We are more determined than ever to provide better living conditions for people and restore their hope”, stated PAS in a short post on social media.