Politicians from government and opposition push country towards early elections, opinion


The early elections should never be regarded as a scarecrow, but they are not always opportune. The politicians from the government and the opposition push the country towards early elections. As the government loses its authority, it will be very hard for the parties to gain legitimacy again. A lot will depend on how the politicians negotiate the formation of the new government and how they preserve their image, university lecturer Angela Colatski said in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

Angela Colatski said when somebody asserts that the early elections must be avoided, it’s clear that steps are being taken to prepare for these elections.

Political analyst Victor Gurau said the political crisis was triggered by the withdrawal of the PLDM from the agreement on the formation of the AEI 2, with Vlad Filat taking the step that led to his dismissal. “I didn’t hear that the PLDM wanted to negotiate certain provisions of the agreement. I saw a harsh, virulent attack on the ruling partners. They negotiate nothing. They try to calm things down and to find common points. They arrived again at ‘principles and values’,” he stated.

Sergiu Ostaf, director of the Resource Center for Human Right (CReDO), said the early elections are not like the ordinary parliamentary elections. They have a specific goal – to unblock a situation of which he politicians see no way out. “Early elections are now unnecessary as we will have practically the same situation after them, with the same political players,” he stated.

According to Sergiu Ostaf, there are several possible scenarios. The most plausible is the scenario when the PL will not vote for the Filat Government and the votes then may come from the PLDM, PDM, the group of Vadim Misin and several other MPs, possibly from the group of Igor Dodon or from the PCRM, with new defections taking place. “The PLDM-PCRM scenario is not possible. It would be better to have another Premier voted in by the same AEI and to continue the same government program. The small parties that didn’t form factions in Parliament can join forces and compete on the same segment as the PCRM,” stated the CReDO director.

The leader of the PLDM Vlad Filat is the candidate designated by President Nicolae Timofti for Prime Minister.