Poisoning at Băcioi kindergarten leads to hospitalization


Three children and one adult were admitted to hospital after, according to preliminary conclusions, they suffered from food poisoning at a kindergarten in Băcioi commune, Chisinau municipality.

Contacted by IPN, National Agency for Food Safety deputy director, Ion Toma, said that the hospitalized persons had food poisoning symptoms. In addition to the four patients, over the course of the last 2 day, 12 other people who are related to the kindergarten went to the doctor’s office and are now under medical supervision.

ANSA representatives and Center for Public Health specialists investigate the cases by taking samples from the dishes that were served at the kindergarten, in order to determine circumstances that could have led to the possible intoxication.

Mayor of Băcioi, Vitalie Șalari, said that the food for children is prepared at the kindergarten. The institution has recently resumed its activity after renovations. It is yet to be determined if there have been any changes to the kitchen staff.

About 40 children attend the kindergarten during this time of the year.