Plan of revenues to public national budget for 2006 was fulfilled at 101.6%


The plan of revenues to the national public budget (NPB) for 2006 was fulfilled at 101.6% amounting to MDL 17 bln 814.9 mln or by MDL 276.5 mln more than planned. The final incomes of the NPB in 2006 exceeded the incomes of 2005 by MDL 3 bln 289.7 mln, or by 22.6%. According to the data provided by the Government, the plan of revenues to the state budget for 2006 was fulfilled at 101.6%, being collecting MDL 9567.8 mln, by MDL 155.2 mln more compared with the planned sum. The accumulated incomes exceeded the level of the last year by MDL 1803.8 mln or by 23.2%. The daily revenues constituted MDL 37.5 mln in 2006, compared with MDL 30.7 mln in 2005. The main source of incomes in 2006 was the tax revenues, and the growth pace of the incomes coming from the internal taxes exceeded those related to the external economic activity (import). The revenues from the Value Added Tax for the goods produced and the services provided in the country increased by 33.4% and those coming from the VAT on import – by 28.4%. The revenues from the direct taxes, on the whole and the income tax for the entrepreneur, particularly have increased. The revenues coming from this type of tax that determines the profitableness of the companies exceeded the revenues from 2005 by MDL 120.3 mln or by 40.4%. The target in what concerns the administrative territorial units was fulfilled at 105.7%, by MDL 131.7 mln more, with revenues to the total sum of MDL 2428.9 mln. Compared with 2005 the revenues increased by MDL 433.7 mln or by 22.1%. This boost was generated by the increase of the incomes coming from the entrepreneurship activity – by MDL 277.2 more (34.6%) and from the individual persons – by MDL 258.4 mln (29.7%). The budget of social insurances accumulated MDL 3.69 bln in 2006 fulfilling the plan at 99%. The incomes of 2006 exceeded the level of 2005 by MDL 712.6 mln (23.9%). The target of incomes at the fund of compulsory medical insurances was outstripped by 6%, collecting premiums to the total sum of MDL 557.5 mln, by MDL 115.3 more (26.1%) compared with 2005.