Persons from prosecution service are behind unauthorized construction from Ciocârlia St, lawyer


Persons from the prosecution service are behind the construction from Ciocârliei St, which the people living nearby consider unauthorized. The dwellers noted that they struggle not only against the construction but also against the system and the persons from behind the system who use all the instruments to implement their plans and make the apartment building available for occupancy.

In a news conference at IPN, lawyer Dorel Rusu said that the General Urban Development Plan of Chisinau is being violated. The document provides that single-family homes can be erected in that area, not apartment buildings. The provisions concerning the area on which a building can be erected were also violated as the area occupied by the current construction is much larger. The number of stories against the area occupied by the block is also inappropriate.

According to the lawyer, the Real Estate Register shows that the area belongs to a limited liability company whose only associate and manager is a former employee of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC). The application for the urbanism certificate indicates the contact number of this former NAC employee but the application was submitted in the name of another person, who owns the lot and is the father of a prosecutor of the Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office. The independent press said Tăietu Anatolie is married to an employee of the NAC, a former head of the Criminal Assets Recovery Agency. They have a number of relatives who also work at the NAC, which is a body that should do justice in Moldova.

Dorel Rusu noted that when he started to represent the interests of the 15 dwellers who oppose the construction, a person told him that the beneficiaries of the block want to “cooperate” with them and offered a reward. In a week, another acquaintance told him that he can experience problems as he is too insistent in this case. “We will not be stopped by blackmail, direct t or indirect threats. We will go and prove that this construction is illegal and it will be demolished,” stated the lawyer.

Another lawyer, Veaceslav Munteanu, said that two problems can be underlined here. The first problem refers to the permissive documents that were issued by the municipal authorities, while the second problem is the fact that the state institutions that must not allow deviations and must intervene actually ignore the developments and protect the interests of the involved business entity.

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