People will be asked about their problems within “Voice of the People” campaign


Citizens will be asked about the problems they face within the national campaign “Voice of the People”, which was launched on Wednesday by the public association Moldova Platform, led by Irina Vlah. According to the Platform’s leader, the people will also be asked to formulate their opinions and proposals for solving particular problems and these will be then communicated to the responsible authorities.

“If someone from the government goes through the villages, then only with a lot of guards or after making sure that their representatives in the territory had done everything for no one to bother them with inconvenient questions or unwanted actions,” Irina Vlah stated in a press briefing hosted by IPN.

The leader of Moldova Platform noted that following visits paid by her to the country’s localities, she came to the conclusion that today the government is afraid of the people. But even so, with the stubbornness and arrogance that has always characterized it, the government continues to claim to represent the people and act in their interest. In reality, no one in the government knows at all the real problems experienced by the people and she convinced herself of this in discussions with citizens.

“Given this situation, together with colleagues from Moldova Platform, we decided to launch a large nationwide campaign entitled “Voice of the People” of the Republic of Moldova. Within this campaign, we will gather from people the problems they face, their opinions, wishes, suggestions, expectations and will make them public in the hope that those who are in power will hear them,” said Irina Vlah.

“We will help the people to formulate the concrete wishes they have and will assist them in the process of notifying the responsible state institutions. Together with the people, we will knock on all the doors behind which the little yellow men are now hiding and will make them listen to what the people really want.”

Note: IPN Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider themselves targeted in the news made from the statements of the organizers of this press conference, including by facilitating the organization of another press conference under similar conditions.