PDM leader voted for a different Moldova


The president of the Democratic Party of Moldova Pavel Filip voted for a different Moldova. Since 2019, things in the country have been stagnant, but the people have expectations, the Democratic leader stated after casting his ballot, IPN reports.

Pavel Filip noted that he voted for a strong, prosperous Moldova, for a Government that would make sure the country has proper roads, modern hospitals, kindergartens, decent living conditions so that the people want to remain at home.

Asked by journalists why we haven’t had a prosperous state, Pavel Filip said 30 years ago the foundations of this country haven’t been laid as there were other priorities. The foundations should be based on a developed education system and a solid judiciary.

The PDM leader noted it is important to act and for the purpose we need professionals in the Government. “We hope to have free and fair elections,” said the ex-Premier.

Snap parliamentary elections are held in Moldova today. Over 3 million voters are expected to take part in the snap parliamentary elections in Moldova today, July 11. The State Register of Voters includes 3 282 837 citizens eligible to vote. Polling stations are open between 7am and 9pm.