Pavel Filip: Premier Ion Chicu will resign on December 24


“Given that this Government is supported by the Shor Party, I think it is the duty of Mister Chicu to tender his resignation. I would do so,” the president of the Democratic Party of Moldova Pavel Filip was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on Jurnal TV channel.

Moreover, according to ex-Premier Pavel Filip, in state institutions it is rumored that Prime Minister Ion Chicu will quit on December 24.

“I think he will resign on December 24. This is rumored and I think it is a logical step,” stated Pavel Filip.

He anticipated that if Ion Chicu leaves, Moldova could remain without a government during six months.

“If the Premier resigns and no one else accepts to hold premiership on an interim basis, the ministers will leave the Cabinet one by one. No candidate for premiership, no Cabinet could be proposed. We will have to wait for this period of three months that is stipulated in the Constitution, to dissolve Parliament and to call snap elections. What will happen to the country not only during three months, but also during the next two-three months after the elections, when negotiations will be held to form a coalition? We would not have a government during over six months,” stated the ex-Premier.

Pavel Filip noted that the current Parliament is evidently not supported by the citizens as some of the MPs managed to switch even three parties.

“On the one hand, we agree to have snap elections. On the other hand, we must see from what position we start and how we should prepare the snap parliamentary elections. We often see images of large old buildings being demolished, by controlled explosions, and the building falls down without affecting anything around. The snap parliamentary elections should be organized so as not to do damage to the Republic of Moldova and its citizens,” said the Democratic leader.