“Patria-Moldova” calls on political parties to assume responsibility for solving Transnistrian conflict


If the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict is delayed, it will be difficult to preserve Moldova’s sovereignty, unity and independence, the “Patria-Moldova” Party considers. The party said that the driving forces of the Moldovan society and the political organisations that promoted their interests should assume responsibly for solving the conflict, Info-Prim Neo reports. At the Parliament’s sitting on February 28, MP Gheorghe Mustata said on behalf of the party that the current government did not make any headway towards settling the conflict. Moreover, the Transnistria residents are losing the already weak trust that the country will be unified. “Patria-Moldova” expressed readiness to present its own programme and put up a package of legislative initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the right to property of the Transnistrian people and economic entities and at preserving the cultural, linguistic and educational characteristics of the region, including the three official languages. The party will propose the authorities to create a joint conciliation commission that would identify solutions acceptable to both of the parties, by involving international specialists, including Russian and Ukrainian. The party also intends to establish joint press institutions with the Transnistrian region as well as social organisations (cultural, educational, sports, youth) with the aim of bringing the residents of both banks of the Nistru closer, the Party “Patria-Moldova” says in a declaration. On March 2, it is 16 years of the start of the Transnistrian conflict.