PAS will not accept PDM’s invitation to talks


The Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) will not accept the Democrat’s invitation to talks. “Plahotniuc and the PDM robbed, misled, filled the country with the own dirt and now want negotiations? What for? To be able to steal further? We have too much respect for the people to make bargains with bandits. We recommend them not to waste time on letters ,” PAS spokeswoman Cristina Bujor stated for IPN.

The Democratic Party has written separately to the DA and PAS, the parties forming the electoral bloc NOW, inviting them to negotiate a potential coalition so as to ensure efficient governance in accordance with people’s expectations . This was announced by Democratic vice president Vlad Cebotari at a press briefing on March 1.

The preliminary election results show the Party of Socialists won 35 seats of MP, the Democratic Party – 30, the electoral bloc ACUM – 26 and the Shor Party – seven. Three independents will also enter Parliament.