Parliament’s representative: There are no circumstances for dissolving legislature


The Parliament’s representative to the Constitutional Court Radu Radu said the legislative body is fully functional and fulfills its duties by adopting normative documents and performing parliamentary control. Also, Parliament is ready to give a vote of confidence to a candidate for Prime Minister proposed by a parliamentary majority. In such circumstances, there are no circumstances for dissolving Parliament, IPN reports.

In the Constitutional Court’s meeting centering on the circumstances for dissolving Parliament, Radu Radu said the President’s discretional right to nominate the candidate for Prime Minister when there is a formalized parliamentary majority lacks legal logic as the President cannot impose a particular option as regards the person who will be named Prime Minister on Parliament. This can create preconditions for artificial institutional conflicts.

Moreover, the Court held there are no constitutional and democratic reasons for the President not to nominate the candidate for Prime Minister who is supported by the parliamentary majority, even if this is not supported by the President.

“In this case, none of the persons proposed by the formalized parliamentary majority was nominated for premiership. Namely for such cases, the Court held that when no party holds an absolute majority of seats in Parliament, the President must consult the MPs, and not only pro-forma, and must designate the candidate supported by the majority even if this majority does not include the party supported by the President,” said Radu Radu.

He noted the Court also held that the Parliament’s role is decisive in relation to the President’s role as Moldova is a parliamentary republic.

“The President should prove her impartiality and political neutrality, equidistance towards all the parliamentary groups. The President does not have the constitutional right to place herself above the parliamentary groups,” said the Parliament’s representative.

The CC is to announce its decision on the circumstances for dissolving Parliament at 3:30pm.