Parliamentary parties’ opinion about CC judgment


The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” said that it took note of the Constitutional Court’s decision and is ready for snap parliamentary elections. It yet noted that they witnessed a show of the irresponsible politicians and populist political forces that are permanently in the election campaign and are permanently preoccupied with the next elections, not yet with the next generations, IPN reports.

“We are aware that the current Parliament is the emanation of a mixed electoral system agreed by Plahotniuc and Dodon as a common project of the most criminal regime in the recent history of the Republic of Moldova, which substituted the rule of law and usurped power in the state. We have pleased for free and fair snap elections organized by a responsible government with a natural denouement in the current political situation,” the PPPDA noted in a press release.

The leader of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip said those who consider the political war is over are wrong as the second episode only starts and the country continues to be in a serious crisis. “Even if today Parliament was penalized with dissolution for actions that cannot be imputed to the legislature, this day can be considered a victory day of the presidential administration in the conflict with Parliament, but it is “a victory of Pirus” (obtained at such a high cost for the winner that it is almost equal to a defeat),” stated Pavel Filip.

The For Moldova Platform that includes the MPs of the Shor Party said today’s events are not a solution to the crisis as this will continue to deepen. “Instead of stability and efficient management of the pandemic crisis, Maia Sandu takes this country and its people to nihilism, revolt and disorder. We are not afraid of snap elections. We are sure of our victory. But any infection, any death due to COVID-19 in times of pandemic will be on Maia Sandu’s conscience,” said For Moldova.

The leader of the parliament group Pro Moldova Andrian Candu also reacted, saying that those who pushed them towards this zone of uncertainty should have the courage to reach decisions that would take the country out of anarchy as swiftly as possible. A new round of vainglorious measures will definitely not do well.

The Constitutional Court on April 15 ruled that there are circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament. It noted that the impossibility of forming the Government, in accordance with Article 85, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Constitution, is ascertained as a circumstance that justifies the dissolution of Parliament of the tenth legislature. The decision is definitive, cannot be channeled, takes effect when it is adopted and is published in the Official Gazette.

Two separate opinions on the decision were formulated by Vladimir Țurcan and Sergey Țurcan (dissident opinion). The opinions of the two CC judges haven’t been yet published.