Parliament hosts exhibition centering on People’s Council


An exhibition of photographs and documents referring to the decision-making process, involved personalities and major events from the time of the People’s Council was mounted at the Parliament’s Museum. Among the important exhibited documents is the Act of March 27, 1918 concerning the Union of Bessarabia with Romania in the French language, IPN reports.

The exhibits present a detailed picture of the work done by the supreme legislative body of Bessarabia in 1917-1918. Among the exhibited documents, some of which are the originals, are the regulations concerning the organization of the elections to the People’s Council, the lists of members, the minutes of the meetings of the Bureau for Organizing the People’s Council, information about the election of members of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Moldova.

There are exhibited registers, bills, extracts of correspondence of the People’s Council with different institutions, including telegrams referring to the start of work of the People’s Council, telephonograms addressed to the Presidium of the People’s Council about the Union of Bessarabia with Romania, citizens’ demands addressed to members of the People’s Council.

The exhibition entitled “People’s Council, History Pages” can be visited until June 12.