Parliament Deputy Speakers: Snap elections could take place on July 4


Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mihai Popșoi said the snap parliamentary elections will most probably be held on July 4. According to him, the elections should be held as soon as possible so as not to fail to unlock the foreign funds. Deputy Speaker Alexandru Slusari is skeptical about the investing of a Government during such a short period of time and considers that 2021 is lost from financial viewpoint, IPN reports.

Acceding to Mihai Popșoi, if the state of emergency is declared unconstitutional, President Maia Sandu will sign the decree to dissolve Parliament as swiftly as possible so that the snap elections could be held in July.

“I’m sure that we will manage to have a Government until August as the time limit by which money from the EU and the IMF can be yet obtained expires in September. We will manage to bring this money and to offer the citizens the support from which they could not benefit during the pandemic. July 4 is the closest day when snap elections can be held. One thing is definite – the swifter the elections are held, the faster we will return to normality and stability,” Mihai Popșoi stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

For his part, the representative of the PPPDA Alexandru Slusari said the elections should be held as soon as possible as the country risks collapsing in the absence of a plenipotentiary Government that would negotiate foreign loans.  

“2021 is a failed year in terms of unlocking of the foreign assistance. I don’t believe in miracles and in the fact that a Government will be voted in during ten days after elections. A lot of laws with a powerful budgetary impact are now adopted. The subsidization process in agriculture is blocked owing to the shortage of funds. According to the information I obtained from the Ministry of Finance, we will be able to pay only salaries and pensions as from June 1. Therefore, we need a Government as quickly as possible,” said Deputy Speaker Alexandru Slusari.

In accordance with the Electoral Code, the snap parliamentary elections are held within 60 days of the dissolution of Parliament, but not later than three months of the dissolution day.