Parliament adopts decision on Resolution of European Moldova Assembly


Parliament on Thursday passed a decision on the Resolution of the European Moldova Assembly that was adopted in the Great National Assembly Square on May 21. The initiative’s authors, PAS MPs, said that this way they want to give a juridical-political form to the Resolution, while the demands included in it will be gradually fulfilled, IPN reports.

PAS MP Mihail Popșoi, Deputy Speaker of Parliament said the responsible institutions will be requested to amend the Constitution so as to establish the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the EU as definitive and irreversible. The participants in the Assembly also asked to swifter open the accession negotiations with the EU, to strengthen the state institutions so as to guarantee the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the EU, to faster approximate the EU legislation and to use the process of joining the EU as a catalyst for peacefully resolving the Transnistrian conflict in the international context of the negotiations.

“We, as the representatives of the people, of those persons who attended the Great Assembly of May 21, have the moral and legal duties not only to take not of this Resolution, but to also give a legal-political form to it by adopting this Parliament decision and, in particular, to gradually implement all these suggestions, recommendations or I would even say orders that were acclaimed, supported at the May 21 Assembly for European integration,” stated Mihail Popșoi.

BCS MP Diana Caraman said the government should hold a referendum to find out what the citizens want as such a way would be fairer and the referendum in Europe is considered a democratic exercise. Her group mate Eduard Smirnov said the level of street democracy at the May 21 rally was one of the lowest as the people were summoned and they went in order not to expose to risks their mayors or managers. Besides, many other resolutions were adopted at protests mounted in the country, but the parliamentary majority ignores these.

In reply, Mihail Popșoi said that the May 21 event involved tens of thousands of people who came voluntarily and, by adopting that resolution, the citizens mandated the government to follow the European integration course.

PAS MP Mihail Druță noted that the people, through their intuition, always tended to return to Europe, while the Declaration of Independence is eminently European. Another PAS MP Radu Marian said the Assembly of May 21, 2023 was the largest since the declaring of Independence and the message of the about 80,000 people who attended the rally is clear – they wasn’t the county to be part of the EU and want peace, democracy and wellbeing in the country.

In his speech, Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea, Deputy Speaker, said that the government had the opportunity to persuade the opposition, the political parties, the business community and the citizens, but it mixes up the mandate gained from the people based on nice promises with a referendum. The people believed those promises, including regarding the prices and charges, but the latter weren’t reduced, but were only raised.

PAS MP Eugeniu Sinkevich said the young people want a future as part of the EU and this was proven in 2009, in 2019 and once again on May 21, 2023. The young people showed that they want studies of a high quality, better opportunities and high-paying jobs and want all these things at home.

The draft decision on the Resolution of the European Moldova Assembly was adopted by the votes of 55 MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity. The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists abstained, while the MPs of the Shor Party didn’t attend the Parliament sitting.