Parents can register their children online in first grade as from April 1


Starting Monday, April 1, parents in Chisinau can submit online the documents for enrolling their children in the first grade. The procedure consists of for two stages. The first stage will take place between April 1 and May 24, while the second was planned for June 3-17, IPN reports.

The first stage involves the submission and validation of applications, documents for enrollment in the first grade of children who reach the age of seven by September 1, 2024. It is mandatory that the child’s place of residence corresponds to the school district. The registration form will be submitted on the platform escoala.chisinau.md and will include the application for the registration of the child, the identity card of the parent or legal representative of the child and the child’s birth certificate, the Chisinau City Hall said.

The submission and validation of the registration documents for children from the school district who will turn seven years old by the beginning of the school year and who will fail to be enrolled in the first stage will take place from June 3 to 17. The parents of children from the school district who will turn seven years old between September 1 and December 31, 2024 and the parents of children from other school districts can also apply for the remaining vacancies.

Between August 20-30, 2024, the institutional and municipal commissions will examine, within the limits of the remaining free places, the exceptional situations of children who during the two stages were not enrolled in the first grade.

The children are registered for school free of charge.