PACE says it is prevented from campaigning


The Party “Building Europe at Home” (PACE), which is led by the former deputy chief of the General Police Inspectorate Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, noted that its members and activists are subject to pressure. “Five members of the party, four of whom are women, were yesterday invited for questioning in a case to which they bear no relation. The prosecutors ignored the fact that the five are candidates for MP and, in accordance with the law, cannot be involved in procedural actions during the election campaign,” the PACE stated in a press release that is quoted by IPN.

The PACE’s Standing Bureau considers the actions of the prosecutors are politically motivated and are aimed at hindering the election campaign. “We warn that the pressure exerted by some of the state institutions intensified after the PACE leader Gheorghe Cavcaliuc informed publicly about a secret meeting of prosecutors, politicians and criminal leader where these discussed how the PACE and  Cavcaliuc can be removed from the electoral race. The party’s leader attracted public attention after saying that they will bring 30 current and former functionaries – MPs and minsters – to justice for acts of corruption and after he proved that the electoral lists of some of the parties included drug addicts and persons suspected of having fixed public procurement procedures,” runs the press release.

The PACE noted it will provide the responsible authorities with evidence of the corruption schemes employed by politicians, including PAS candidate Boris Marcoci, the mayor of Bălți Renato Usatîi and one of his deputies Nicolai Grigorișin. It will also ask to determine the legality of the public tender contests won by six companies in all the mayor’s offices that have ties with Usatîi’s party.