Over 600 rural communities to receive agricultural resources


As many as 622 rural communities this spring will get agricultural resources, such as sets of vegetable seeds, seed potatoes and feed for cattle. It is a new phase of emergency agricultural assistance for small farmers and vulnerable rural households facing the effects of the 2022 drought and the crisis in the region. The assistance is initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Moldova, in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation, the Government of Japan and the Government of Switzerland, IPN reports.

The resources are valued at about US$1 million and are funded by two projects implemented by FAO.

Stressing the acute need for cattle feed, Assistant FAO Representative in Moldova Tudor Robu said this assistance is crucial for vulnerable families who rely on domestic animals for their basic food needs. Therefore, almost 2,500 families with one to five cows will each receive by 400 kg of animal feed, providing them with the necessary feed until the start of the new grazing season.

The aid will reach 12,000 vulnerable beneficiaries who urgently need support. Thus, sets of vegetable seeds will be distributed in eight districts, includingSoroca, Hancesti, Orhei, Cantemir, Rascani, Floresti, Edinet and Drochia. Potato tubers will be distributed in five districts, namely Orhei, Cantemir, Stefan Voda, Edinet and Rascani. The districts of Cimislia, Falesti, Stefan Voda and Soldanesti will receive animal feed.

Vegetable seed sets will be distributed in February, at the beginning of the planting season. Planned for small-scale cultivation, each set covers vegetable production in greenhouses with areas from 50 to 1,000 square meters and includes a selection of tomato and cucumber seeds, fertilizers, pheromone diffusers and cell seed starting trays. In addition, nearly 8,000 households will each receive by 50 kilograms of seed potato tubers, enough to cover an area of 200 square meters. 

Japan’s Ambassador to Moldova Yoichiro Yamada stressed that this assistance incorporates Japan’s solidarity with Moldova in these hard times. “We are committed to supporting Moldova’s path towards recovery and sustainable development. We are confident that by working together with FAO and other stakeholders, we can achieve significant results for the people of the Republic of Moldova,” noted the ambassador.

Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova Guido Beltrani said that this project is fully in line with the long-standing commitment to support Moldova’s development and resilience. Through this contribution, in particular, the Government of Switzerland contributes to food security in the region and helps mitigate the negative impacts of the current military conflict in Ukraine, supporting the most vulnerable farmers in rural areas, especially women farmers and young farmers.

Besides distributing agricultural resources, FAO will train farmers how to use climate-smart technologies and practical income-generating activities. The beneficiaries will include 200 women farmers.