Ostaf: Government brings wicked people to power


The political system in its current form brings to power mostly unfit people. The system and parties promote dangerous people, who only show obedience to the party leader. These people are also promoted by some financial structures and this must change. The statement was made by the director of the Human Rights Resource Center (CReDO) and head of the National Participatory Council Sergiu Ostaf during the public debate “Developing political culture in public debates”, organized by Info-Prim Neo news agency. According to the CReDO director, there must be a way for people from the low ranks to advance in parties, for diversity’s sake. Participation costs must be reduced, because they are quite high in the current political process and those who have an entrepreneurial political mentality transform it into a business. This is why political parties must be supported by the state. “When people make decisions in Parliament, they tend to maximize individual interests. They are either dominated by political entrepreneurs, or don’t have enough uprightness to oppose the internal rules, or simply don’t have the procedural tools to oppose the process. In both Parliament and the Government, there is a top-down model with a dominant male, based on individual interests. It’s not an adequate model because it doesn’t promote intelligence and rational efficiency, but the individual desire to obtain results in individual interests”, explained Sergiu Ostaf. On the same topic, the expert said that the issue can be solved by increasing the openness of the governance, through the participation of interested parts in this process, through the rationalization of different reasons and constraint by the marginalization of some groups. The public debate “Political culture and civil society” is the ninth in the series of similar events organized as part of the project “Developing political culture in public debates”, supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.