Opposition questions state of emergency as government invokes unpredictability


The political opposition is questioning the timing and utility of a formal state of emergency introduced by the PAS-controlled Parliament to manage the energy crisis, while the ruling party says the 60-day duration of the measure is explained by the unpredictability of the global gas market.

The Shor Party believes the state of emergency should have been lifted as soon as Moldovagaz was able to pay Gazprom in full.

“The money was transferred, the problem was solved. Why the need for state of emergency that lasts as long as 60 days? My understanding is that there will be state budget subsidies for the coming months as well. Under the pretext of this state of emergency, the state budget is being robbed of public money every day. In the not-so-distant past, the very same method was used to offer the government bailout (in the wake of the 2014 bank fraud)”, Shor Party’s Marina Tauber stated during a talk show on RTR Moldova.

The Communist-Socialist group thinks the state of emergency is completely unnecessary.

“There is a functional Parliament where PAS has a majority. There is a Government where every single minister is appointed by this party. There is the President’s Office. Why was it needed to introduce a state of emergency? If the Prime Minister had come to Parliament and said that she needed the approval of 6 bills, who would not have voted for them?”, asked Com-Soc lawmaker Vladimir Odnostalco.

PAS lawmaker Vitalie Jacot has dismissed allegations that the measure would entail a limitation of rights.

“The state of emergency has been instituted in connection with the energy sector and there is no intention whatsoever to limit any protests. The opposition has successfully protested outside the President’s Office building, the lawyers’ community was also free to protest. Media organizations cover all the events in a free and transparent manner. I do not believe that anyone’s rights and freedoms have been restricted following the introductiom of this state of emergency”, said Jacot.