One-stop shop for managing and issuing permissive documents opened in Chisinau


The business entities will no longer have to queue up for hours at public agencies, losing time and money, for obtaining permissive documents. As of July 9, they will be able to do this online, at any hour and regardless of the whereabouts, through the permissive documents management and issuing automated information system that was launched in Chisinau, IPN reports.

According to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the platform is intended for entrepreneurs and public authorities that issue permissive documents. This will contain all the instruments needed to manage and issue permissive documents electronically. The reduced interaction between individuals and functionaries will also reduce bureaucracy and corruption. “This one-stop for us means efficiency and swiftness. Studies show the platform will bring savings of over 60 million lei a year to business entities,” he stated.

World Bank Country Manager for Moldova Anna Akhalkats said the direct costs incurred by the private sector and the business community for obtaining permissive documents came to US$ 12 million a year. These are huge costs for a country like Moldova. The system will initially issue 29 types of permissive documents. The positive impact on the Moldovan businesses will be immediate. The government should only take the necessary steps to continue the process so that all the permissive documents are incorporated in the platform.

Public Services Agency director Sergiu Railean said the platform will enable to standardize the process of issuing permissive documents, regardless of the specific features of the issuing public authorities. The system will serve as a centralized point that will connect all the public authorities and will coordinate their activity.

Speaking about technical aspects, Marina Nicolaiescu, director of the company that developed the system, said that 152 permissive documents provided by 32 issuing agents and local authorities will be gradually available on the platform.

The system is available for any applicant online through the web portal accessible from any computer of mobile deice. The system ensures access to electronic services with a digital signature regardless of the physical location of the applicant.

The permissive documents management and issuing automated information system was developed with the support of the World Bank and will be maintained by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.