On Europe Day, DGETS will present educational opportunities in European Village


On Europe Day, the General Division of Education, Youth and Sport (DGETS) will present in detail the programs and services available in the field of education, youth and sports at the Chisinau City Hall’s tent in the European Village in the Great National Assembly Square. The visitors will have the opportunity to learn new information and celebrate European cooperation and diversity in education and beyond, IPN reports.

DGETS representatives will provide information about the activity of the Municipal Center for Adult Learning and Education in Chisinau - the first innovative educational hub for adults. It is a unique initiative in the Republic of Moldova, which aims to achieve in Chisinau the fourth objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, namely to promote lifelong learning, adult education throughout life.

The young people will be familiarized with the opportunities they can take at the five Youth Centers in the municipality. Information sessions about youth financing instruments in Chisinau will be staged.

Europe Day in the European Village in the Great National Assembly Square will be inaugurated on May 9, at 12:00. Starting at 12.30, groups of children from various extracurricular education institutions will presented cultural and artistic programs on the stage of the event.