Octavian Ticu: Our political class cannot be modified and should be replaced


The Moldovan political class, in its current composition, can no longer be modified because it is contaminated, university professor and historian Octavian Ticu stated in the talk show “Interpol” on TV 7 channel, IPN reports.

According to Ticu, forming a new political class, of honest and upright persons, who could take over power as a result of early parliamentary elections or the ordinary ones of 2018, is the only alternative for Moldova. “The situation in which we are now will last until the early elections and will also depend on the influence exerted from outside. Solidarity is needed to change the situation. For now, the current parliamentary alliance is the biggest threat to the country,” said the historian.

He also said that Moldova was a captive state not only under the current government, but also under the Communist rule. “After the People’s Front, the Republic of Moldova became a captive state and continues to be so. During the rule of Voronin, things had been even more dramatic. The situation now worsens also owing to Igor Dodon’s acts. Even if he says he is a supporter of statehood, he takes anti-statehood actions and those from the ruling coalition do nothing to stop him. They say that we are ruled by oligarchs. This is not true. The oligarchs are those who come to power to form and develop a new state. We witness kleptomania. These people come to power not to develop the country, but to have access to state resources and enrich themselves,” stated the professor.

Octavian Ticu noted that the future parliamentary elections could be won by pro-Russian parties and the current government led Vlad Plahotniuc could come up with new schemes in order to keep power after the elections of 2018. “Igor Dodon is liked by the people because he inspires them with particular confidence. The Republic of Moldova can get rid of Plahotniuc with the assistance of Dodon, including of Moscow. But this will be a big problem because the country will be federalized. But I think that Plahotniuc plans something. He is not only a national product, but is also a Romanian product. I think an opposition consisting of upright people who could come to power is the salvation. If the situation in the new Parliament requires, the two parties that can bring about changes will have to cooperate with Plahotniuc,” he said.